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The Scholarly Thinking Foundation values both our individual and corporate donors, sponsors, and supporters in our mission to empower scholars by providing necessarytools for academic growth.

Why partner with The Scholarly Thinking Foundation?

 We work hard to build advantageous, trusting relationships with our donors

through our actions. We offer opportunities for donors to give in a

proven, hassle-free, and secure environment.

As a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization, all donations to

The Scholarly Thinking Foundation are acknowledged and adhere to the

IRS tax deductible guidelines. 

How to partner with STF?

It's simple. All donations matter when you join in our journey to empower scholars with the tools and resources needed to succeed in any learning enviornment.​ 

We work directly with donors as partners to ensure contributions

align with company and individual goals. We acknowledge your

investment to best fit your strategic goals.

Donors need only contact us by completing the donation form to contribute

in-kind product, become a corporate sponsor, provide a scholarship contribution, or commit to individual one-time or monthly donations.