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What is Scholarly Thinking Publications? At Scholarly Thinking we are dedicated to researching, discovering, and providing academic publications that explore and promote rigorous learning while teaching students to behave as scholars.

How often are online reviews done? Scholarly Thinking reviews educational websites monthly. Check out this month's review by clicking here.

How will the Scholarly Thinking book and tools help my student improve academically? 

​Today's students need to have options just as adults. This means that learning has to be on their terms, in their way, by uniquely tailoring lessons and teachings that reach them in a way never before. No longer are mundane worksheets or unchallenging mass group learning sessions acceptable for all students. Everyone learns differently and educators need to understand that the cookie-cutter approach is not an option.  In a nutshell, whole-class learning or the "old-school" classroom has evolved, and today's classroom must give students the tools to compete in a society on a challenging global level.

​Scholarly Thinking looks at things from the student's point of view and provide the tools necessary to create better scholars.. Students will learn how to use education as power, finding their unique skills and talents that drive them to success. Parents will be able to tap into what makes their student learn, and use the proper tools and resources to keep them focused, and academically successful no matter what their situation or environment may be at any given time. 

​Students, parents, and educators will become partners in bridging the gaps of learning for any student in any environment. As partners, teaching, learning, and connecting, any student can become a great scholar using academics as a catapult to life long learning that guides them towards of path of critical thinking and personal achievement.

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Do you offer bulk purchase discounts for educational institutions? Yes, Scholarly Thinking works with school districts and organizations daily. Please contact us for discounted rates here.

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​Scholarly Thinking publications are practical and also interactive with a focus on engaging all students with critical thinking activities. We have access to a large selection of educational books, tools, and resources for teachers, administrators, parents, and scholars.  Lastly, our book selections are life and career-long resources that are used often – a truly wise investment. ​​