Learning Foundation Visionaries

Our primary purpose as a charitable organization is to focus on providing educational tools and resources to help bridge the economics associated with learning gaps. We will be known as the non profit organization where personal attention and true partnership is the daily norm. We want to engage with those in our community who are committed to improving our educational systems for parents, scholars and educators. We want a culture of sustainability and enthusiasm throughout the organization with a penchant for going the extra mile for all scholars.

​​All learning starts with a foundation

F O U N D A T I O N​


Our value to our partners is simple ...

...we want to empower scholars by

providing necessary tools for

academic growth.

The scholar success comes first....We believe that the student’s best interest should always come first, and that our work should always

provide value

​A service-oriented environment.....​Working hard for scholars, educators, parents, and educational institutions in the DFW metro area.

Trusted industry...Every dollar counts Uncompromising best business practices with a mission to continue to expand the organization and  individual expertise; gaining trust

through our actions. 

​Demonstrate our dedication to superior results.....Hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our constituent's needs precisely and completely

​Win-win Alliances.....Building partnerships with the educational community  in mind is our top priority

​Respect and Integrity.....Always dealing with our constituents, donors and our colleagues in a fair, respectful, and ethical manner



 ::: OUR VISION:::

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We strive to serve as a primary resource and partner in the scholar's journey leading to academic growth.

It is the mission.....

…. of The Scholarly Thinking Foundation to empower students and educators by providing resources that inspire lifelong learning and aide in the academic success of scholars in any learning environment. 

About The Scholarly Thinking Foundation

The Scholarly Thinking Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit orgnanization dedicated to providing much needed supplies to aide in the academic success of school age children and college students. We serve parents, educators and scholars in Dallas, Collin, Ellis, and Tarrant county school districts of Texas. 

A learning foundation that promotes critical thinking skills while teaching students the benefits of

preparedness and life-long learning is our ultimate vision.

We would love to hear from you! Please share your teaching, learning, experiences and discovery journeys with us at [email protected]